Dinner (6PM-10.30PM)

The menu at Billy Ho is a unique and sophisticated take on the comfortable cuisine of
Hong Kong, Japan and Korea.

Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free, Shellfish Free and Dairy Free menus are also available

Sashimi, Sushi, Oshi Sushi & Tataki

Chicken katsu roll with sesame seed, aonori, Japanese salad and kewpie mayonnaise

Confit tuna roll with kewpie mayonnaise rolled in home made shichimi togarashi and crunchy tempura

Flame torch pickled mackarel with Japanese pickles, mandarin ponzu and rayu oil

Spicy salmon confit roll with cucumber, shiso leaf and togarashi

Yukke toro fatty tuna tartare with wasabi and avocado mousse, shichimi togarashi, rayu, hand shaved katsuobushi and tobiko

Oshi sushi with shichimi, umeboshi, unagi and mango

Oshi sushi with toro, wasabi mayonnaise, aonori, togarashi, black tobiko and katsuobushi

Snapper ceviche with celery, ginger flower, pickled onion, passionfruit tigre de leche and fried garlic

Snapper sashimi with citrus ponzu, yuzu mayonnaise, preserved kalamansi and puffed rice furikake

Tuna tataki with green chilli, kosho, pickled jalapeno, wasabi mayonnaise and yuzu dressing

Spicy octopus and tuna sushi roll with shiso leaf, aonori and togarashi


Selection of sashimi (bonito, tuna, white snapper, trevally) with salmon for 50K extra

Soft shell crab tempura roll with prawn and yuzu lava

“Dragon Roll” tempura king prawn with avocado, wasabi mayonnaise and furikake

Wagyu beef tataki with sesame shoyu, wasabi furikake, shiso and rayu oil


Goma-ae style green beans

Raw fish with Japanese mix green salad

Tuna wakame salad of smoked eggplant, nori, katsuobushi and puffed rice

Salmon carpaccio with a ginger and citrus ponzu, purple radish and green herb dressing

Grilled Wagyu beef Japanese salad with crispy lotus roots and shabu shabu dressing

Small Plates

Pork and cabbage gyoza with miso, green shallots, black vinegar and shoyu dressing

Crispy chicken skin with potato puree, yuzu, truffle, yogurt and salted chilli flakes

Robata grilled chicken breast with green chilli and miso with a chimichurri dipping sauce

Smoked eggplant with furikake spice mix and sesame soy dressing

Prawn lava brioche bun with watercress, cabbage, chilli butter and salt cured egg

Shichimi tuna with soba noodles, smoked dashi broth and cured egg yolk sauce

Salt and pepper squid dusted in shichimi togarashi with soy and mirin

Prawn and scallop siew mai with sweet shoyu and chilli dressing

Confit pork belly katsu bao with kim chi and ssam jang sauce

Nanjing shredded lamb bao’s with shiso leaf, mandarin cucumber, kimchi, sesame and shoyu dressing

Archipelago spiced taco with snapper, andaliman mayonnaise and sambal matah

Wagyu beef tartare with miso eggplant, tabasco and smoked mackerel mayonnaise, potato nori chips

Tempura prawn and vegetable kakiage of shiitake, sweet potato and enoki with smoked chilli sauce and egg yolk

Mixed tempura of shiitake, fish, prawn, baby corn, pumpkin, enoki mushroom with tempura dipping sauce

Crispy duck leg with tamarillo and hoisin dipping sauce served with mandarin cucumber

Large Plates

Glazed red miso gindara with shiitake mushroom

Seafood okonomiyaki waffle with shredded cabbage, pickled ginger, katsuobushi and bulldog sauce

Miso aged chicken thigh with seared cabbage, aonori and shichimi umeboshi

Stir fried prawns with home made udon noodles, kale, dried shrimp, pickled turnip and X.O. sauce

Salt and pepper karaage crispy fish with chilli and mirin dipping sauce


Crispy chicken with burnt leeks and sacha soy dressing

Kaigun style curry of pork belly with carrot, potato, cheddar cheese, slow cooked egg served with Japanese rice

“Galbi jjim” Korean style braised beef with gochujang, shiitake, soy, miso, potato, soft egg and Japanese rice

Steamed snapper with zucchini scales, udon noodles, Asian mushroom and tempura zucchini flower

Braised short rib beef katsu with a miso jus, japanese mustard, white cabbage, tonkatsu sauce, pickles and soft brioche buns

Roasted lamb shoulder with chilli, cumin, fennel, Szechuan pepper served with spiced red braised cabbage

Rice & Side Dishes

Steamed rice

Stir fry broccoli with garlic

Stir fry water spinach, bean sprouts with shoyu and togarashi

Stir fried of 3 types of wild rice, black rice, red rice, organic rice, barley, shiitake mushroom, garlic and truffe

Stir fried Japanese rice with chicken, sweet corn, shiitake mushroom, green peas, carrot and sesame seeds