Lunch (12PM-3PM)

The menu at Billy Ho is a unique and sophisticated take on the comfortable cuisine of
Hong Kong, Japan and Korea.

Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free, Shellfish Free and Dairy Free menus are also available

Selection of sashimi

Bonito, tuna, white snapper, trevally, with salmon for 50K extra

How to eat sashimi  (刺身)
Most types of sashimi are seasoned with soy sauce by dipping each piece into a small dish of soy sauce before eating it. It is usually the diners’ responsibility to fill the small dishes with soy sauce, and it is good manner to pour only as much soy sauce as needed.

Depending on the type of sashimi, a little bit of wasabi or ground ginger may be added to the sashimi piece. This is most elegantly done by dabbing the wasabi or ginger directly onto the pieces of sashimi (as opposed to mixing it into the soy sauce).

On Will Meyrick YouTube Channel, you can follow him as he witnesses a really professional sushi team creating absolute art out of their ingredients. He was compelled afterwards to seek out some of the finest equipment, including some superb knives designed for all the different aspects of sushi making for Billy Ho’s team back home. Click here to watch video

Oshi sushi’s & hand rolls

Prawn tempura hand roll with green mango and smoked chilli mayonnaise

Confit tuna with yuzu, ricotta, edamame, avocado, cucumber, wasabi furikake, shiso and red tobiko

Red miso tuna, torch ginger and yam bean sriracha

Oshi sushi with shichimi, umeboshi, unagi and mango

Oshi sushi with toro, wasabi cream and katsuobushi

Sushi rolls & nori taco

Confit tuna roll with kewpie mayonnaise rolled in shichimi togarashi and crunchy tempura

Prawn with avocado roll, wasabi mayonnaise and furikake

Chicken katsu with sesame seed, aonori, Japanese salad and kewpie mayo

Crunchy tempura roll with spicy tuna and crabstick

Spicy octopus and tuna sushi roll, shiso leaf, aonori and togarashi

Archipelago spiced taco with snapper, andaliman mayonnaise and sambal matah

Spicy soft shell crab tempura with smoked chilli mayonnaise, avocado, cucumber and togarashi

Sashimi & salads

Raw fish with Japanese mix green salad

Flame torch pickled mackarel with Japanese pickles, mandarin ponzu and rayu oil

Tuna wakame salad with smoked eggplant, nori, katsuobushi and puffed rice

Snapper ceviche with celery, ginger flower, pickled onion, passionfruit tigre de leche and fried garlic

Snapper sashimi with citrus ponzu, yuzu mayonnaise, preserved calamansi with puffed rice furikake

Korean style beef tartare with chilli paste, nashi pear, shiso, egg yolk, green shallots with sesame crackers

Grilled Wagyu beef Japanese salad with crispy lotus roots and shabu shabu dressing

Rice bowls & donburi’s

Tuna poke bowl with pickled octupus, seaweed, avocado, radish, mango and pickled jalepeno

Beef tartar with ginger, red miso, sesame seed, iceberg lettuce and salt cured egg

Salmon chirashi sushi with shredded nori, shiso leaf, beni shoga and black tobiko

Donburi (丼, literally “bowl”)

It’s a Japanese “rice bowl dish” consisting of fish, meat, vegetables or other ingredients simmered together and served over rice.

Chicken katsu donburi, egg, red miso, togarashi and katsuobushi

Kaigun style pork belly katsu curry donburi served with Japanese pickles

Beef donburi with wild mushrooms, onion, kimchi, wasabi furikake

Optional : add mixed tempura and miso soup

Noodles & dumplings

Pork and cabbage gyoza with miso, green shallots, black vinegar

Miso ramen with sliced pork belly, soft boiled egg, nori, egg noodles and chilli oil

Shichimi tuna with soba noodles, smoked dashi broth and cured egg yolk sauce

Prawn and scallop siew mai with sweet shoyu and chilli dressing

Stir fried prawns with home made udon noodle, dried shrimp, kale, pickled turnip and X.O. sauce

Large plates

Seafood okonomiyaki waffle with shredded cabbage, pickled ginger, katsuobushi and bulldog sauce

Glazed red miso gindara with shiitake mushroom

Chicken miso karaage with salted egg yolk sauce

Korean style crispy chicken wing with sesame seed and crushed peanuts

Steamed fish with ginger and shallot

Salt pepper squid dusted in shichimi togarashi, nori and soy mirin dipping sauce

Salt and pepper karaage crispy fish with chilli and mirin dipping sauce


Selection of sorbet/ice cream (sesame, miso, matcha, strawberry)

Meringue filled with matcha cream, yuzu curd, raspberries and sesame tuille

Salak panacotta, young coconut jelly, candied salak and lime sorbet